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I really do miss writing in a ddlg plot. 

I miss having someone comfort me.. while fucking the shit out of me on the side. 

Don’t break a writer’s heart and think ink won’t spill.


I support you, Phoebe Jane Tonkin. 

Not for the character you play or the ships I ship you with. But for your amazing ability to bring a character to life. From being a shy little mermaid, to a bad bitch witch, to momma wolf. You have the ability, talent, to really get into character. You're an amazing mentor and you know how to stand for what you believe in, from running your self help blog, to pushing yourself to follow your dreams of doing what you want to do. I support you because you're a go-getter. Times are tough and people are assholes. But darling, you're tougher. Stay strong Momma Wolf. 

If you're a person that does not support Phoebe because of a character she plays, please do me a favor and unfollow. I don't need that type of negativity on my blog. 

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Meaningless Words


Let me tell you a story about a real man. No, not a boy- a man. Growing up you’re always going to find those boys with hot hands and roaming fingers. Who anxiously want to get in your bra not knowing that straps exist. Trying to pull down your pants and expecting just to slide in. And you’ll let them. Oh, yes you’ll let them. Because part of you wants to, and part of you thinks its the right thing to do. Let a guy fuck you and you’ll be happy. It’ll be just like the movies right? Hot. Sexy. Dirty. Romantic. All that shit into one night? Right? 

Well guess what, if its not with the right person it’s going to be disgusting, uncomfortable, embarrassing, and you’ll just feel dirty. 

I’d done things with boys that I’ve regretted. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been that girl that lets a boy grope you at a party after a few drinks. Raise your hand if you have ever gone home with a guy that you’ve been friends with for a while because you figured all the flirting should lead to something. And finally raise you hand if you’ve ever let a man take you and treat you like you’re absolute perfection.  

Tell me if you’ve let a man undress you and kiss ever part of your body, sweetly, roughly, calmly, savagely. If he’s trailed his hands up and down your skin feeling every stretch mark, every scar, every little imperfection and praised your body like the temple it is. 

Has he felt your uneven boobs and played with your jiggling thighs? Has he spanked your flat ass and made you look at him as you rode him uncomfortably because your body isn’t like Scarlett Johansson’s? Has he watched your cum under his touch then kiss your dry lips? 

Has he asked you to cuddle with him as he gently kissed the top of your head? Has he ran his fingers up and down your spine playfully squeezing your lovely ‘fat rolls”?

most importantly have you ever felt completely and utterly content with sleeping naked in your unperfected body next to a man? 

See what I am saying is, it’s okay to do things you regret, but it’s not okay to hate yourself for not being perfect. Because there’s going to be a day, a time, a place where someone will take your body, your soul, your mind and will love you for it all. They will cherish every last bit of your existence because thats how important you are. 

Find this person, and treat them like they god they are. Because they’ll do the same for you. 

If you want to lose yourself, you have to lose yourself in another person. It’s a two-way thing.”

So after half a million files on my macbook pro it stopped working and I had to reset it to factory setting. 

I haven’t stopped crying. 

All my ship graphics, all my late night plotting with my lover, all the gifs and plots i had saved. Gone. 

I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.